What this is about.

We’re recruiting a team of young, adventurous, and socially minded individuals to give CarShare Vermont a try for a few months and share their experiences. Our goal is to generate more conversation in our community about sharing, mobility, food, culture, and whatever else is fun and interesting — by following their adventures.

Our team will be given four free trips in CarShare Vermont vehicles between June and August. They’ll photo-document their trips and share their adventures, near and far, so others can join the discussion.



Meet the team!

Get to know our adventurers – and follow them as they share their journeys.

Nick Bucci

Nick Bucci

Facebook: Nick Bucci
Instagram: @buchana_banana
Twitter: @banabucci
Flickr: @nickbucci

Ashley Gunn

Ashley Gunn

Facebook: Ashley Gunn
Instagram: @ashleyng34
Twitter: @AshleyGunn


Kiersten Hallquist

Facebook: Kiersten Hallquist
Instagram: @khallquist08

Bill Morris

Bill Morris

Facebook: Bill Morris
Instagram: @wboykinm
Twitter: @vtcraghead


Senowa Mize-Fox

Facebook: Senowa Mize-Fox
Instagram: @smizefox
Twitter: @smizefox

Lauren Pyatt

Lauren Pyatt

Facebook: Lauren Pyatt
Instagram: @laurenlaurenlaurenlaurenlauren

Scottie Raymond

Scottie Raymond

Facebook: Scottie Raymond
Instagram: @eskaeone
Twitter: @scottier_vt


Sarah Webb

Facebook: Sarah Webb
Instagram: @sarah_m_webb
Twitter: @Sarah_M_Webb
Blog: Sarah – M – Webb

View past team members

Kimberly Baker

Facebook: Kimberly Baker
Instagram: @Kimberjanebaker

Sara Goldstein

Facebook: Sara Goldstein
Instagram: @sarahackney
Twitter: @sarachasen
Blog: Oddly Well Adjusted

Christine Hill

Facebook: Christine Hill
Instagram: @christinetylerhill
Blog: Forage

Ian McHale

Facebook: Ian McHale
Instagram: @ianmchale
Twitter: @Ian_McHale


Andrea Olson

Facebook: Andrea Olson
Instagram: @olsonah82
Twitter: @olsonah82
Blog: The Corner Piece

Caitlin Pascucci

Facebook: Caitlin Pascucci
Instagram: @pascucciyoga
Twitter: @CaitlinPas


Emily Pendergraft

Facebook: Emily Pendergraft
Instagram: @ependerclemson
Twitter: @ependergraft
Blog: Maples and Magnolias



Want to join the team?

We’re already building the next group of movers-and-shakers and aspiring leaders who have the time, energy, and interest to commit to this experience for three short months.

Questions about the #LetsShareVT campaign? Get in touch! Email us at info@carsharevt.org or give us a call at 802.861.2340.